When a seasoned pro is needed to handle all the details, clients rest easy knowing that 16+ year hospitality veteran, Shannon Hazard, is taking care of everything as their Relevé

The Liability of Liquor at Events

To many, hosting a successful event goes hand-in-hand with serving alcohol. While wine, beer and spirits can add fun to a party, alcohol also adds to the liability of those

Liquor at an Off-Site Event – Who Can Serve

If your next event will include cocktails, wine or beer you may be wondering who is legal to serve and what if any licenses will they need to be legal.

Public Music Legal Hurdles

When it comes to planning an event, music can set a mood and fire-up the crowd. However, if you share music with the public via internet, advertisement or at a

DIANE’S POV: 	Love The Ones You’re With — The Importance Of Vendor Relationships

One of my top learnings in over 25 years spent building one of the California’s most respected destination management companies is the importance of vendor relationships. Just as a chain


Santa Monica group events managed by Relevé Unlimited are more popular than ever with our corporate clients — and not only because of Santa Monica’s proximity as the closest beach